Discover God study Bible


New Living Translation.

Experience life in a whole new way!

Are you satisfied with your life? The Discover God Study Bible is for people who want something more. Most study Bible notes focu on ancient facts and figures. Each ot the 9000 study notes in this Bible is designed to draw you closer to Him. They help you see God in a way you never thought possible.

These Discover Gods Study Bible features are uniquely designed to help you focus on God:

The TopicGuide gives you quick access to key Bible truths. The TopicGuide outlines the key ideas of the Bible and connects them to appropriate Bible passages.

TopicLink enables readers to find key passages on a topic. The TopicLink system connects key passages of the Bible on a particular theme making it easy to find any major teaching of Scripture.

Thousands of notes help you discover God as described in Scripture. The Discover God Study Bible is the only Bible in which every note helps you get to know the person of God.

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