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On the move in China


The Finnish- speaking Suomen Vapaakirkko and the Swedish-speaking Missionskyrkan i Finland are sister churches and until 1923 were organisationally one group called Free Mission. The desicion to send the first workers to China was made in 1890 at the Annual General Meeting in Turku, southern Finland. There was lot of interest in missions amongst its women members and China was considered a more suitable place for women combared to Africa. An agreemend to receive Free Mission workers was made with the China Inland Mission which was force until 1951.

The first workers were located in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu province until 1898. After that the majority of workers were located in the province on Jiangxi. The work began there in Yongsin in 1899 and expanded to Yonfeng in 1907. Visits were also made to the surrounding areas and during the years 1948-1951 the workers were based in Ji’an.

During the turbulent years of 1890-1951 21 workers served in China. Eleven were Swedish speaking, nine Finnish speaking and one from Estonia. Eight of the workers died and were buried in China. Four of them died a martyr’s death.


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